Thursday, April 2, 2015

How Incognito Braces Straighten Teeth

Incognito is a type of lingual brace. After your problem has been identified by an orthodontist, a model of your entire jaw and teeth is developed in order to create this type of brace, which is specifically suited to your teeth. Common problems treated by this brace include slight crookedness, overcrowding and slight rotations. The imprint of the teeth is taken using a mold kit. This impression is used as a guide to generate specific brackets for each tooth. Computer aided manufacturing comes to play at this stage to create a unique set of braces for you. After manufacturing, it is fitted onto the back of the teeth.

The brackets have wires on them that are responsible for teeth movement. This technique slightly differs from the conventional metal braces.For the latter, the two types of elastics used (ligatures and inter arch elastics) anchor the arch wire to the bracket and move the teeth respectively. These are absent in the Incognito series of braces. The distance between brackets is also reduced, so the working is different. As much as there are no bands, you still have to have regular checkups to adjust them and monitor their working.

This slight difference in mechanism is one of the main reason why not all orthodontists can use them. The technology is fairly recent, and not as widespread as other teeth straightening methods.

Some people have the braces fitted in in two phases so they get used to them comfortably. It helps to be psychologically ready to experience a different feeling in the jaw and dental arch for the duration of treatment.

Incognito Lite may be an even better option. It is cost effective because it only corrects the specific teeth that are affected. They are made for the front teeth.

Your smile stays beautiful, and your confidence stays intact while straightening your teeth. They are relatively inexpensive, compared to clear aligners.

As with standard braces, your teeth brushing regimen needs to be improved. Orthodontists recommend at least 5 minutes of brushing the teeth, the gums, the wires and brackets carefully.

Moving the teeth is a delicate process. It goes as deep as the rootand the nerves deeply embedded in the gum. This is why careful pretreatment assessment and genuine expert involvement is important. You may have braces fit in poorly and after a year, find out that very little improvement is visible. It is frustrating to have to go through another round of brackets because of this.

They are one of the most costly types of aligners. Partly because of the material used to manufacture them and partly because of the technique used to fix them.

It is said that no two Incognito braces are alike, and that is true. The comfort you experience is because of the total customization, with robots are used to bend the wires. In the long run, the cost would be worth it. For those adult professionals whose careers would be impacted if they had braces on the front surface the teeth, they are an easy and practical solution. It's not always that you find comfortable and discreet braces.

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