Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Invisible Braces: Are They Appropriate For Me?

Also known as Incognito braces, clear orthodontic braces are a new generation of braces suitable for both adults and teens. Different from traditional braces, these new devices are placed behind the teeth, completely out of view and hidden such that no one will ever know you got braces unless you tell them!

Clear orthodontic braces operate in a similar fashion like the traditional metal braces, but in a much better way. The biggest difference is invisibility offered. Over the treatment period, they straighten your crooked teeth, bringing back that beautiful smile you always desired. To someone who is looking at your teeth, they will appear entirely normal, for it is behind the scenes where the brace magic is at work.

Are Clear Braces Right For You?

Invisible braces are an excellent dental solution for any person aged 13 and over., if you qualify for the traditional braces, then you would make a good candidate for this mode of dental management. The Australasian Dentist, a technology and lifestyle magazine has useful information contributed by professionals in the dentistry industry touching on the latest developments in the field. They highly recommend Incognito to adults who want to avoid the embarrassment of traditional braces.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Individualized just for You: Each wire and bracket that goes with your brace is individually made to your particular needs and prescription. Your dentist will customize your braces to fit your mouth shape and your specific dental requirements.

2. Uses Latest Technology: Latest orthodontics technology is used in making your braces such that you are not just getting great aesthetics, but also benefitting from technology that supports effective and efficient movement of your teeth.

3. Greater Comfort: After only a short adjustment period, you'll be able to eat and speak normally. These braces are recommended if you are a player of sports or wind instruments.

4. Better Dental Health: When using braces placed behind your teeth, you avoid decalcification or damage to your frontal teeth and possible irritation to the inner lips.

What Is Treatment Like?

Your dental expert begins the treatment plan by taking an exact impression of the teeth which along with your prescription will be sent to the lab. The laboratory utilizes high-tech design procedures using computers to produce braces customized for your teeth.

Around six weeks after taking your impressions, your new invincible braces will arrive, and the dentist or orthodontist will utilize an exact process in preparing your teeth for placing new braces.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Once the braces have been inserted, you'll be coming in for regular progress monitoring. The total length of when you will be wearing the braces will be dependent on your particular dental case.

Is Your Speech Affected?

You may experience some minor speech issues for the initial few weeks before your mouth completely adjusts to the new braces. The situation is set to improve as your treatment progresses. A well trained and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registered dentist should be in a position to give some speech exercises to make sure your speech quickly recovers to normal.

What About After Care?

Just like with all other braces, for the initial week or two following insertion, you might be experiencing tongue and lips soreness as your mouth is beginning to adjust to the new treatment. Your dentist will have supplied you with specific care instructions to ease the discomfort.

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