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Labiaplasty - Genital Cosmetic Surgery: The Benefits And Risks

According to the 2013 Issue #3 of the Health Journey Issue, the rising numbers of women clients obtaining Genital Cosmetic Surgery (GCS) can be partly explained by an increased awareness of the procedures that are now available. There is an abundance of useful information concerning these procedures on the internet as well as on some leading women's magazines.

Who is the Best Surgery Candidate?

A labiaplasty is good for you if you're bothered by the prominence, shape or size of your labia minora. If you have labia minora that are particularly long or large, and possibly you experience some degree of discomfort when wearing clothes that are tight fitting or during physical exercise, the procedure would do you good.

Some women are just not pleased with the appearance of their labia minora. It could be that one side might be larger or longer than the other, or childbirth has negatively changed the appearance. If you fall under any of these categories, GCS would be useful for you as it also enhances your self esteem.

The Pre-Surgery Measures

Your preliminary consultation with the specialist cosmetic surgeon will allow him or her to carry out a clinical assessment of your labia and discuss your detailed medical history. The surgeon will then discuss in detail the operation including the early recovery period and your personal expectations after surgery.

A second consultation may be necessary, before the operation, to make sure you completely understanding the procedure and to accord you an opportunity of asking any further questions regarding the surgery.

Make arrangements to be away from your daily activities for a few days to allow proper healing and rest after surgery. Also organize for somebody to pick you up after surgery as you must not drive.

The Surgical Procedure

Surgery generally entails reduction of the inner lips so they don't protrude below the outer lips. The surgical operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic and takes only about 45 minutes. The surgeon utilizes dissolving sutures, and scarring is very minimal.

Post-Surgery Care

Following the surgery you will only be allowed to go home upon fully recovering from the anaesthetic. The surgeon or anaesthetist will prescribe some pain-relieving medication just in case you experience some mild levels of discomfort in the first few days after your surgery.

Arrange to have someone stay with you overnight after being discharged so that you don't strain the stitches with minor house chores. The doctor will give you post-operative instructions which you ought to follow with great care.

The Benefits

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine Vol. 8 Issue #6 of 2011, most of the women undergoing Genital Cosmetic Surgery report subjective improvement of sexual function and overall body image satisfaction. Female GCS procedures would appear to be enhancing the sexual experience of many patients and meeting the desires for functional and cosmetic improvement.

Risks of Complications

Just like with any surgical procedure, Genital Cosmetic Surgery comes with its standard surgery risks, such as soreness, swelling, infection, bleeding and scarring. Bruising and swelling are common although these ought to settle in around seven to ten days. An experienced surgeon will have discussed all the associated risks with you, well in advance. On average, if prior to the operation you were healthy, the risk of any complications is extremely low.

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