Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Four Different Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a form of plastic surgery conducted on a patient in order to change the appearance of the nose by altering its shape or size. This procedure also helps in correcting a person's breathing problems.

Here are the main procedures cosmetic surgeons conduct in order to achieve the look desired by their patients:

1. Open Method

In this procedure, the surgeon creates an incision across the small strip of skin between your nostrils. This part is called the columella. Your surgeon then lifts the skin off the tip of the nose and then shapes the cartilage and bone in the nose. The surgeon is now in a better position to clearly visualize the inner structures of the nose and come up with good final results.

The incision leaves a tiny scar on the underside of the nose. People with a dark complexion are prone to scarring as compared to those with light skin.

According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, this procedure has an advantage over the rest because it gives the surgeon direct visualization of the nasal anatomy. The surgeon also has more control for exact manipulation of nasal shape.

2. Closed Method

Here, incisions would be made inside the nose. Just like in the open case, skin is separated from bone and cartilage. This allows your surgeon to get to the underlying structure. Thereafter, a surgeon can reshape the cartilage and bone, or he can even enlarge or remove them to achieve the desired shape.

This procedure eliminates almost all risks of scarring. However, surgeons don't have much freedom to reshape as they aren't able to see the structures clearly.

3. Non-surgical

This involves injection of Botox to help conceal the appearance of bumps on the nose. Patients don't have to worry about a bigger nose, since the injection evens out the nose thus giving it a smoother outline. This procedure is also ideal for patients who were not satisfied with results from previous surgeries.

The procedure is more beneficial to patients who want to improve the appearance of their noses instantly, without undergoing a whole new surgery. The healing process of these patients is fast and less painful. It is also very cheap as compared to the other surgeries. Some patients return to their daily tasks on the same day after surgery as the final results are immediate. Most patients, however, will need a touch-up two years after the procedure.

4. Natural

This method is best done using the open procedure. Getting a professional surgeon is recommended because it will minimize your risks of scarring and other complications related to surgery.

An expert surgeon will examine your nasal structures, facial features and skin texture. He will then be able to advise you on the procedure that will be appropriate for you.

It's important to evaluate all the procedures to be able to settle on the one that best suits you. Visit a qualified surgeon before making a decision. There exist Australian organizations dedicated to giving information of good clinics with qualified surgeons. You can get a good surgeon through such organizations.

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