Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finding The Best Designer For New Kitchens

Getting that kitchen design of your dreams can remain elusive if you hire the wrong or an unskilled designer. It's essential that before you commence the project, you do your homework well so that you can get the best designer to build your dream kitchen. It is equally important that you engage suitably qualified and licensed designers. In Australia, since a trade licence is not a requirement for the majority of new kitchens and renovations, it becomes necessary to put in place extra precautions as you engage their services.

Visit their Design Showrooms

A good place to start would be the showrooms. Have a good look at their products and level of design detail that they are displaying. Ensure that you speak with a genuine designer and not just a salesperson. It would be wise to have somebody who can assist you in picking our countertops, cabinets, lighting, flooring, backsplash tile, fixtures and molding details.

Ask Them For Several Referrals

When you meet potential designers, besides discussing your needs, ask if it were possible to visit and view some of their actual finished projects. Request to view their portfolio of previous project's photos. In addition ask them whether you may contact several of their past clients.

Visit And Google Their Websites

Take some time and visit several Google kitchen designers, and remodeling firms in your location. Visit their social sites and websites to see what they are offering. Read online testimonials and client reviews. Scrutinize the information posted on their websites and view their finished kitchen projects. Any well-established kitchen showroom will typically have posted their history on their business website including contacts, their services and directions to their physical locations or showrooms. The Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Series, a top-selling publication that caters for bathroom and kitchen renovators normally has a list of respected designers who can be trusted to deliver quality.

Get To Know Their Years Of Operation

Let them tell you the number of years they have been doing operating their business. Undertake your own research and confirm if they have been operating their design business for as long as they claim or even under any other business name. Businesses that have been running for many years are better placed to come with immense skills and experience.

Inquire About Written Contracts

Ask if they are offering a comprehensive written contract and request to view a draft or copy of a contract. Nobody wishes to be taken by surprise when several additional expenses suddenly crop up. Be cautious of design contractors bidding low so as to win your business yet they remain vague on other details.

Make Sure They Carry Valid Insurance Cover

Be sure to confirm that they carry all the necessary insurance covers such as disability, liability and worker's compensation insurance. Ensure your design contractor possesses all the three covers. For example, if the contractor is not well covered, you might become liable if a worker gets injured while renovating or designing your kitchen.

Across Australia, each Shire Council has got its own department of environmental health responsible for the monitoring of every food outlet. Therefore, if you are designing a new commercial kitchen, it is vital that you be in compliance the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) which governs the provision of food that is meant for public consumption.

Final word: Follow your own instincts. Are you feeling comfortable with them? Do you feel you can trust them?

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