Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reasons Why Pete Evans Celebrity Chef Is Thrilled By His Fitted Kitchen

Chef Pete Evans' excitement over his recently fitted kitchen is justified. From the moment you walk into it, what catches your eye is the cool metallic effect that the sleek steel paneled bespoke cabinets and appliances channel. The cooking space is semi grand in terms of size but every bit as luxurious as they come. Here are the reasons why his calling the kitchen a '10' is a befitting description:

1. High Grade Fittings

Super high gloss smooth and spotless counters, gleaming stainless steel faucets, with a cutting edge design in shaping, soft close drawers with a seamless design that give the room a neat look, a strategically placed pull out pantry.

2. Space

The island was fitted at the center of the room to give adequate space for movement on either side. The space was also creatively utilized by adding pull out drawers beneath the pantry. He testifies that it was a 'funny-shaped room', but the professional designers managed to knock down walls and fit structures at appropriate and convenient positions.

3. Lighting

The creative lighting ingeniously installed simply blew his mind away. The fixture just above the island is the central light in the room, aided by others inbuilt into the roof all over the ceiling.

4. Bright Walls

The kitchen looks quite brilliant because of the walls which are painted white. This is achieved through expert painting skill that gives a uniform finish all around.

5. Wall Art

This is one of the team's secrets to designing and creating a dazzling kitchen. The painting done in two shades of calming blue dramatically improve the look of the kitchen. It's positioning is strategic as to catch the eye without distracting however.

6. Creative Storage Space

At the base of the dishwasher, there are additional drawers for extra storage space. This level of creativity by the professional kitchen design team is one of the many traits that awed Chef Pete and moved to term them as 'masters of design'.

There is an extra cupboard installed for storing appliances that is very much within reach and eliminates the chance of these gadgets cluttering or crowding countertops.

Under the bench, quite discreetly, there are more cabinets for even more space.

It takes more than a great eye for beautiful fixtures and more than a great team to come up with an exceptional work of art. The winning combination is a constant in fact. It takes talent, unmatched skill, excellent synchrony, strategy and of course, coordination with a client to actualize their dream.

Combinations of seemingly minute details were considered to achieve the final look of Chef Pete's kitchen. Maybe it was the intentional placing of the professional knife block on the counter top, or the pot with a plant on a corner, or perhaps it was the absence of anything superfluous that adds to the charm of his kitchen. That stays to be a kept secret of the uniquely-designed kitchen. They do it all for you, with you, but they still amaze you at the end of it all.

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