Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reasons Why Freestanding Baths Are The Best Choice

Going for a freestanding bathtub may seem to be a brave choice in lots of homes, today; given that available bathroom space often comes at a premium. Whilst majority of freestanding bathtubs available on the market will use lots of your bathroom space owing to the fact they require to be placed in a central location away from the walls, there are a good number of them that have been designed for smaller bathrooms.

Freestanding baths are great in lending themselves to whatever aesthetic design of the bathroom that they get placed in. They're all about making that fashion and design statement as they take your guests by surprise whenever they enter your bathroom room.

In Australia, your home and bathroom renovation must meet all the basic requirements for structural soundness, safety and health as laid down set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). In some of the states it is a requirement that your bathroom must get a waterproofing certificate. If your work doesn't meet the BCA requirements and other relevant council rules, you could be required by law to redo the entire work.

Creates A Powerful Focal Point

Designing your bathroom around a modern freestanding bathtub provides the small room with an eye-catching focal point. A freestanding tub is ideal for creating a focal centerpiece while providing the definitive touch of both style and luxury. A quality freestanding bathtub oozes relaxation merely by the way it sits and looks in your bathroom suite.

Variety In Shapes And Sizes

Modern freestanding bathtubs are obtainable in an array of sizes and shapes. Choosing the one that is just perfect, that suits your bathroom design and also meets your requirements and tastes is important. Manufacturing companies are now making new styles and designs to help create an extensive range of available option for you to achieve that perfect look.

Great Aesthetics

Most of the freestanding bathtub taps give a remarkable additional dimension to your bathroom aesthetics. A freestanding tap lets you laze around in luxury without having to a care about the location of the taps as these could be placed outside of the bath for your convenience. This attribute also allows your water supply and plumbing to have a bit more of leeway in terms of installation. The graceful floor standing design of the freestanding tub allows you to enjoy your bath from an elevated position as well as in adding a remarkably unique style to your bathroom décor. Another great feature and advantage of having a freestanding bathtub in your house is that it makes a powerful and real style statement!

A Unique Experience

Freestanding baths can be filled to the top permitting you to spend hours in tranquility relaxing. This is one bathtub that is ready to give you an immersive bathing experience you will be looking forward to every evening after a hard day's work! Usually associated with luxurious hotels, a freestanding bathtub brings luxury closer home.

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