Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bath Spout Series: 5 Tips On Choosing Good Bathroom Accessories

Whether you're undertaking a complete home improvement or simply replacing a worn out and leaky bathtub spout, the process need not be complicated but fun. Because of its interesting attributes, the bath spout series is increasingly becoming fashionable in the modern bathroom. When you have a classy bathtub in your home, topping it up with a gleaming new sprout brings an added sparkle.

Selection Factors To Consider

Picking a design and style that appeals to you is certainly the less complicated part of buying your bath spout and, indeed, any bathroom accessory. The tougher issues would be:

- What type of material was used in making the accessory?

- Will it last for long?

- Is it easy to clean and maintain?

- In case of a breakdown, how expensive or difficult would it be to repair?

In short, the issues come down to: which bath spout is going to offer you the service and style you desire for the amount of money you are ready to spend? Also, does it meet the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard (WELS) rating for water efficiency to help in conserving water and reduce your domestic bills?

No matter your motivation for buying a bath spout, the following 5 tips will greatly assist you in selecting what would be ideal for your requirements:

1. Consider Your Budget

The first consideration that you must think about is your budget. How much are you ready to spend? This is what will, for all purposes, guide all other considerations. Bathroom accessories come in a wide variety of styles, designs and qualities and their prices will vary accordingly.

2. Think About The Design And Style

Once you have decided on your budget limits, you may now consider design and style of the spout you need. Bath spouts are available in a variety of design styles and varied finishes. Is your main concern contemporary bathroom aesthetics or the safety of your child using the bathtub? Do you want something that adds colour and sparkle to your bathroom or do you simply want a tool to do the work?

3. Test the Materials And Quality

Besides the style and design features, what will distinguish a good bathroom accessory from the rest is the material from which it's made of. Do you want a simple plastic spout or a classy one made of chrome?

Spouts made of solid-brass will last longest and will also require minimal care. Solid brass items are particularly good and durable because even when in contact with hard water, they corrode less compared to other materials.

4. Picking The Right Finish

You'll, perhaps, also wish to think about the spout's finish in relation to the rest of your bathroom accessories such as faucets, sinks and tub. The finishing on your choice spout is going to affect the overall style in your bathroom, as well as its cost.

5. Does It Meet Required Standards?

As you consider what is most suitable as a choice bathtub accessory, ensure that the product is in conformity with the Plumbing Code of Australia and the pertinent Australian Standards, as well as the WELS labelling requirements on water usage and safety.

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