Saturday, July 4, 2015

Care Tips For Buffalo Grass

There is no denying that buffalo grass is a favorite grass. With so few other types of grass having the same shade tolerance, it is easy to see why buffalo is a top grass. However, in order to keep the grass in the best condition possible, there are some care tips that all residents should follow. Below are some foundations of grass care for all types of buffalo law.

Buffalo lawn will require a year round, good quality fertilizing program so as to keep it looking at its best. In the absence of lawn care, the grass can lose its color, vitality and strength. This involves fertilizing it at least every two months with a high quality fertilizer at application rates that have been recommended by manufacturers. Applying more fertilizer that recommended is not a good idea as it can cause damage to the grass. The lawn owner should buy a high-quality fertilizer from a local manufacture in his or her area, and also make sure that it contains Trace Elements, and shift to winter fertilizer to be applied during winter. Buying specific buffalo grass fertilizers is not necessary as they are often expensive and unlikely to give any more benefit to the grass.

Buffalo grasses require some extra iron supplements in their diet. Application of an affordable iron supplement once per year in the autumn or spring will do great things to the health of buffalo lawn. If the grass is looking a pit pale despite receiving adequate water and being mowed at the appropriate height, this is an indicator that it requires an iron supplement.

Buffalo grass needs to undergo regular mowing for the sake of its health. This will prevent it from developing too much thatch while also minimizing any scalping that will damage the lawn. Mowing also stalls the buffalo runners from spreading to surrounding gardens while also promoting more green leaf growth in a way that results in more lush buffalo lawn. In the case of some faster growing types of buffalo lawns like Sir Walter, mowing may have to be done weekly during the year's active growing season. The best results and most beautiful buffalo grasses can be achieved they are cut to heights to 35mm to 65mm.

There are certain disease infections that can afflict buffalo grass, the likes of brown patch. A majority of these infections will lead to circular brown patches on the lawn. The best way of controlling these infections is to cut the lawn higher, aerate it, ensure that it is watered only in the morning, avoid fertilizing it in the outbreak and applying wetting agents where necessary. While lawn and garden fungicides can be used, they are not guaranteed to be effective. The grass conditions that led to the disease outbreak will have to be addressed permanently so as prevent another outbreak.

Watering of buffalo grass should only be done in the mornings for a number of reasons. For one, it will provide the grass with water in the soil when it is most actively growing and when the weather is warmest. Also, leaving water sitting on the grass surface overnight significantly promotes fungal.

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