Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kitchen Designs: 7 Practical Tips That Will Make Your Place Stand Out

While many homeowners might prefer to use the safe route of designing an ordinary kitchen, it would be very exciting and rewarding to be bold and push the kitchen designing process to its boundaries.

Although your kitchen theme and style should relate closely to what you have done in the rest of your house, it doesn't have to be an exact match. With some useful practical kitchen design tips, you can make that place to stand out from the crowd!

It's important to note that you may need the services of a building contractor who has been licensed by the government. They are obligated by law to ensure your kitchen meets the Australian Standards as well as the National Construction Code. Such professionals come under the supervision of the Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

1. Be Different, Stand Out

As you design your kitchen, think about innovative ideas and elements which you could bring into your place to make it stand out. Don't always follow the crowd; your kitchen is a place where you can make your own design statement. Look for opportunities in your lighting, splashback, cabinetry and flooring.

2. Practical Kitchen Designs

It's important that your design an ergonomic and practical kitchen. You will not just want to have a kitchen that is amazing to look at, but also one that is functional. Have in place a layout that is efficient. You want to have easy access to your fridge; you don't want that dishwasher blocking kitchen paths either. Your kitchen should have ample storage space and a practical work bench too.

3. Have Ample Bench Space

For a functional kitchen, it's important to have ample bench space. If your space permits, have bench space to either side of your cooktop. As much as is possible, avoid cluttering your kitchen by having lots of items on your benchtop.

4. Go for Custom Made Cabinets

Nothing could be worse than buying kitchen appliances and fixture like cabinets which cannot fit well within your kitchen. Make sure that you work with a good kitchen company to custom make your cabinets so that they fit well and match your kitchen theme.

5. Have Storage Solutions

If your budget allows, think of adding advanced kitchen storage solutions. For example, drawers are more efficient than shelves and can hold more items. Storage drawers are not complicated to use, can be located beneath your cook tops or work benches.

6. Plan For Your Garbage

Panning for garbage storage is vital. If you're constrained in terms of space, consider using your area under the sink for specially made pull out bins. These are available in various sizes and shapes as well. If your space permits and you desire more garbage space, consider the possibility of bringing in a full-length bin that could be positioned next to your sink.

7. Stay Within The Legal Requirements

Australian Standards 4386.1 clearly lays down the basic requirements which you are expected to meet when building or renovating domestic kitchens. As you plan for your kitchen project, make reference to the Building Regulations of 2006, Building Code of Australia, as well as the Building Act of 1993.

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