Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stainless Steel Series Mixer: Benefits In Your Home Compared To Brass

When people enter your kitchen or even bathroom, the very first thing they are likely to notice are such products or accessories as your taps. They are an immensely powerful way of making a statement about your style and setting the overall theme and style of the whole place.

The stainless steel series mixer offers a broad range of tap shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your kitchen or bathroom. They come with very water efficient versions and designs for your sinks, showers, bathtubs, and basins. They are also among the most sanitary and durable.

Even before you think of rushing to the home hardware shop in search of what looks the best tap design for your kitchen or bathroom, you could you save yourself much some time by first establishing the material you want them to be made of.

Broadly, there are two typical metals from which most taps are made from:

- Brass or a brass coated with chrome
- Stainless Steel.

Taps made of brass are more widely used and are normally chrome coated, although you could also get other types of coating such as gold, copper or nickel. Stainless steel however is normally made from just a single material through, with no coating. The 2010 Competition and Consumer Act stipulate that the maker should clearly specify what all products are made out of for your benefit.

The Benefits For Your Home

Although not all steel is exactly the same, choosing stainless steel of 304 grade would be your best option for your home. This steel grade is the hardest besides being the most durable, no matter the home gadget or appliance you are acquiring.

So let us look at some of the benefits of going for stainless steel mixers:

a) Hygienic: Have you ever wondered why all kitchens in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals are all designed in stainless steel? This is because steel is regarded to be the most hygienic of metals, is easy in cleaning and the smooth surface got no cracks or pores to harbour mildew or harmful bacteria.

b) Hardness: It is an extremely hard metal which does not easily distort or bend like some other types of alloys.

c) Smooth surface: Different from other materials or metals like brass, your tap interior surfaces may be casted or made totally smooth. The implication of this is that no debris will lodge on your tap interior surface and it remains very clean, making sure the water is not contaminated.

d) Sanitary: On top of the remarkable hygienic characteristics, stainless steel unlike brass is free of lead and arsenic.

e) Solid: It does not require coating as it is made of the same composition throughout. Therefore scratches can be buffed out.

f) Long life: When handled with proper care, it can last you a lifetime. The Australian Consumer Law makes it mandatory to clearly spell out what kinds of product guarantees are granted to you.

g) Finish: Your stainless steel mixer tap external finish could either be polished or brushed depending on your personal preference.

Other additional advantages include great temperature tolerance compared to other metals like brass. Different from most materials, steel is recyclable.

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